Parents: Make your life easier with online English lessons for children

Before the digital age, it was unthinkable to take English lessons with a native English teacher via Skype. Today, many parents have tried these courses and are convinced that it is the best way to help their child progress while improving their own quality of life.

If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s what your typical day may look like. Your work day has been long and is finally over. All you can think about is going home as soon as possible to relax and read a good book, prepare your favourite meal, or watch an episode of that series you’ve become addicted to.

English lessons for children

You’re already looking forward to it when, suddenly, you realize it’s Wednesday. Your 7-year-old daughter has an English course in a school across town. You can forget your dreams of relaxation…

You get stuck in traffic jams on your way to school. You will certainly be late, once again… And of course you must wait until the end of the course to bring your daughter home. More traffic jams. Worse still, your daughter hates going there as much as you do. She also wants to go home after a long day at school.

And now you can’t help but think about the price of these courses. It’s not cheap. And are all teachers really of British origin, as the brochure claims? Who knows. You may also be wasting your money, in addition to your time. It annoys you just to think about it.

But she has to learn English, that’s for sure. In today’s world, it would be a crime to deprive your child of this essential skill.

Online English courses for children are the solution to all your problems

You may never have seriously thought about it, but online English for Kids courses make life easier for parents all over the world.

One of the biggest advantages is that online English for Children courses are fully individualized and taught by native English teachers. This will make it easier for your child to focus on the two biggest challenges of language learning: listening and speaking.

Another advantage of online English lessons for children with a webcam via a software like Skype Children feel more comfortable because they are at home, and are therefore better able to communicate freely with the teacher, and are less afraid to express themselves.

Individualised English lessons on Skype have a clear and distinct advantage over group lessons: students can speak much more during the course. This is especially important for children, as it keeps them active and keeps them from getting bored. The teacher can pay full attention to the needs of each child. In terms of language learning, this is priceless.

Speaking of prices, Skype English courses are much cheaper than traditional face-to-face courses for many reasons. First of all, the teachers have no travel time to come to your home if you decide to choose this option. If you choose to enrol your child in a school, you must take into account the rental of the room, heating in winter, air conditioning in summer, cleaning and maintenance of the place.

Parents therefore make a double saving: they reduce their fuel costs by avoiding going to and from school and, above all, they save on the cost of lessons.

Outstanding flexibility

The flexibility of online English courses is certainly their most attractive aspect, both for parents and children. You can schedule lessons wherever and whenever you want! Isn’t that great? No fixed time or place. All you need to do is have a good internet connection and agree with the tutor on the time of the course. An unimaginable scenario in a traditional English school.

Another solution: an English-speaking babysitter

Why not link your child’s care with learning English? Many babysitters are perfectly bilingual in Montpellier and can take care of introducing your children to English. Although your babysitter will not replace a real English course, it will allow your child to practice if he has some knowledge or to get used to and start with it if he is still a beginner. To find an English-speaking babysitter, you can search on Bsit, each babysitter indicates the languages spoken.